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Dear people,

when I was two and a half years old, I died of fear, after my body went through shock. I was burnt, ironically, with water. The operations went well, but it was after them, that I fell into a deep state of dream, and I was gone for three minutes. I returned and I had no memory pf what happened due to such young age. After my bandages were taken off, the sign I carried on my right arm was going to become one of the most frightening but at the same time, most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It could have been easily read as a scorpion, devil, beast, squirrel. It has eyes, mouth, legs, horns and a tale. The obsession with knowledge came shortly with my age, since I started reading at the age of 4. I was not baptized until the age of 7, and the time before, I have predicted two deaths in my family, and even spoken to them in my dreams, saying goodbye and revealing things to others, that I, a 6 year old child then, could have not known. When I would feel these things, death and illness, it would start as a strong heartbeat and develop into a three weird feelings, fast and strong. Three strong beats, followed by dizziness. After I have been baptized, I stopped feeling these things, but some of my weirdness was still stuck inside of me.
There is something about me that I don't understand. Somehow, answers about others come naturally to me, and I seem to know things I never read about. The understanding of the universe and power inside of us, came naturally to me and my level of intelligence was measured to be 163, which was pretty high for a 10 year old then. I also feel like I have to save the world, and this empowers me, as if it was my purpose. By the age of 22, which is how old I am now, I have learned 6 languages, 5 instruments and I have reached out to psychology, philosophy, neurology and neuro psychology.
I know this might be funny, not real, but it is who I am, and I would really like to know what I am. I come from Eastern Europe, where magic had it's roots way before me. If anyone has any ideas or answers, I would really appreciate it.
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Hello Milijana

From what you have written, you have a natural ability to heal and guide others, it may be that you are not using your ability to heal yourself. I believe looking into Reiki healing would help you enormously, not only will you be able to heal people on another level, you will begin to heal yourself. Try using Runestones, they work very well when asked specific questions. Try to accept who you are and for a time left your intuition work for you, be less logical about who and what you are. With maturity you will begin to understand what you have been put on this Earth for.

I wish you well in your life quest.
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