Witches of different faiths in my family

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Hello, I have a question about having lineages of two different faiths of magic in my family.

In my father's lineage is dark magic from my late grandmother, who passed away before my sister and I were born. She was a dark magic practitioner in the First Nations faith who did many bad things to others through cursing, as well as told my parents that my older sister will be like her when she is born.

In my mother's lineage is white magic from my late grandmother, aunts and mother from a European background. Each practices different kinds of magic, seeing the future through dreams, purifying and protection of the home, and speaking to the dead.

My question is when it comes to the marriage of these two opposite types of magic, which one becomes dominant in the offspring, especially when one states that there will be strong ties to dark magic? Since I found out about this, I've been doing my best to practice protection magic for my older sister because she has been haunted by our father's mother in numerous occasions in our childhood. Is there a way to tell what kind of magic we have an affinity to without having to actively practice dark magic?
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It all depends on the individual, their personality, and which type of magic they decide to put their energy into. The dominant one will be through the individuals particular choice.
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