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Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:09 am

:?: I believe I had my spiritual awakining at age 48. I have finally pieced out why every single thing in my life has happened the way it did. I have finally found my purpose in life and a lifetime of supressed feelings have come to me in a matter of 3 weeks. I was promised by s spiritual friend that it would happen by the time I turned 50. I’m 48 now, and have “unearthed” a long hidden family secret about my Great Grandfather who had committed suicide. A deep reign of depression has ruled my life most of the time before, however it feels like I have a whole new set of eyes about everything. I know my purpose in life is to keep my boys (age 16 & 18) from committing suicide or even possibly an act of violence. I know I would not care live myself if thst were to ever occur. I began my grasp of hope from reading an angels 101 book, due to the fact I had been seeing number sequences of 11, 111, & 1111 ovet the past couple if years. I asked for a sign, & was given so many signs of a guardian angel. I feel a whole new connection to the energy of this world and am finding myself drawn to wiccan beliefs as well. Is it possible to be a Wiccan who believes in God & goes to a Christian church as well? I just love feeling that there may be some “magic “ still out there for me. I always believed as a child & want to feel that way again.
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Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:33 am

Hello Pam0211

Of course you can be a Wiccan and believe in God, how lucky you are to have found your purpose in life, there are those who live a lifetime and not find their purpose. There is a book you may find comforting, Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts. Also I suggest you purchase some Viking Runes and a Rune book, this will help you to enhance your intuition and this will allow you to receive information to guide you along your path. The message in 111s is for you to pay attention to the signs all around you. Regarding your sons, try to stay positive and nurture them, focus one day at a time, and exude a positive energy, this will help them. Concentrate only on them being the best version of themselves they can possibly be, take note on what they are interested in and guide them towards this end.

I wish you the very best as you walk along your new and exciting path.

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