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Fri Dec 14, 2018 2:15 am

Hi! My name is Willow, and i'm a new, young, and inexperienced witch.
I found witchcraft a while ago, was really interested in it, then tried to ignore how much i felt called to it. Like many, I thought it was simple. God hates witches.

Not long ago, as a mindlessly browsed the internet, I found it again. I loved it. The idea of magic and spirit seemed to click with me. Not to mention I've always deep down believed in the supernatural. I thought i could not let go of my current faith, and yet i thought i had to, which was the only thing holding me back. Then I discovered Christian Witches, and just generally open minded witches who believe in some sort of creator, (Like I do. I usually just refer to the modern day God as Creator, i feel the word God is misused so much) and everything clicked. I feel content. Of course, I am always questioning, maybe in a year I'll think differently.

A bit about me~ I'm a random teenager who, of course, is a learning Witch. I love nature, gaming, writing, and kinda just making people laugh. I love helping people, and just being myself without having to worry.

I would appreciate any experienced people giving me advice on how to get started, thank you!

Blessings!! <3
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Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:51 am

Hello Willow

A witch (wise one) is someone who practices magic, anyone can be a witch. You mentioned you like to help people, have you ever considered spiritual healing ? Read everything you can about witches and magic, maybe you could start with some simple spells or divination work such as Rune Stone reading.

Try each day facing the palms of your hands together and slowly move them apart and together, this will give you understanding of healing energy. I suggest you look into Reiki Healing.

May your journey be a joyful one.
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