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Hi there,
I just stumbled across this website while looking into a dark moon and meanings. Ive always loved Witch craft, and horoscopes and general energy/being insync with the worlds energy or harvesting it for good, my family however have looked down on it as they are very christen
i would love to get into witch craft more and i will be trying herbology and i am already very into horoscopes and auras but i would love to try some spells, i want to ask tho there are no dark energies that can come my way if i try some of these spells are there? no future bad luck, bad vibes or anything along those lines?? is that only with black magic that that will happen??

Sarah :)
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Sat Oct 01, 2016 3:32 pm

Hi Sarah !
I don't read all these spell but lots of them are white magic. I don't think they can hurt you (if it's not a spell for hurting someone of course).
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Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:27 pm

I understand where you're coming from, I too have always been fascinated by matters of witchcraft. My family are also either very Christian or atheist to the point where they only accept religions, not forms of spirituality. When I first began to research witchcraft I got 'bad luck' and felt sick a lot after researching. However I eventually realised that all side effects were psychological. I have never tried black magic so I don't know if there are any bad side-effects caused by performing spells of the darker sort. However if you believe in karma then you may find that bad things that happen afterwards may not be so coincidental. In my opinion, which you don't have to take for a definitive answer, it's really up to your perception as to whether magic causes negative side effects. If you believe it does, then that's okay, if you think it doesn't, that's okay too. It's really up to you.
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Hey Sarah
I don't think that you can accidentally do black magic. All magic starts with intent. If your intentions are dark, then your magic will be dark. If your intentions are good then the magic you do will be good.
Witchcraft is a wonderful path that connects you to the universe. If you are a little anxious with spellcraft then don't hurry into it. Enjoy being a child of the universe and letting the energies flow through you. It is great that you have a strong moral code. Essentially, if it harms no one, do as you will. Have fun, enjoy, explore.
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Tue May 29, 2018 7:44 am

Only use white spells, this is spells with positive intent, there is nothing negative attached to these spells. Good luck with your spiritual journey
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I am curious, those dark patches in your photo amongst the flatter green, is that Blackberry?
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