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It all seems really there's a lot to it. How do I make spells. Im really into plants and am interested in plant magic. I don't know where to start. Help! Also, does it work? Has there been an actual change in your life since you began?
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Hi cbelche2

It can be hard to know where to begin, especially with herbs as they can be used for so many things.

For anyone starting out I would suggest reading as many books and websites as you can. For you this would be on herbs, healing with a home apothecary, plant lore/ wort lore, and then on spellcraft using herbs.
Knowledge is power, therefore when you build a good foundation of knowledge you will be confident when it comes to practical spell work.

It would be a good idea to get a note book and write down the stuff you find interesting that you will want to remember (tip: also make a note of where you read this incase you need to find that source again later on).
Learn about the herbs you can grow in the garden or windows, and what you can forage locally yourself (this will be better than spending a fortune in shops and also holds its own magic as you have grown/harvested them yourself). I only buy what i cant source myself.
Try to find out how to look after the plants, how to harvest the plants, the best times to do this e.g. Seasons, moon phases etc, this will give you a closer connection with them as you understand the plants and when their magic is more powerful.
Study the wort lore and what each of your plants can be used for, what magical properties it carries, its mythology etc

There are so many ways you can use herbs for magical purposes. This information can be found easily in books and websites and once you have a better idea about herbs, you can decide how you will want to use them e.g spell work, healing, smudging, trance working etc

Instead of writing your own spells, if your new to it all I would suggest you use spell books or healing recipies that are already written. This will give you instructions much like a reciepe from a cook book with the correspondence required and even the words to use. Books on green witchcraft, hedge witchcraft and kitchen witchcraft will most likely be useful for you.

Spellcraft does work, I can vouch for that. Spell craft is a skill that needs to be learned through practice and probably wont work the first few times you try it. Just like drawing, anyone and hold a pencil and scribble, but to learn how to make an amazing piece of artwork takes regular practice and constantly adding to your skills (e.g drawing, painting, sculpture). Spell craft is similar, start out learning by using others spells from books, about self protection , raising your power and grounding. Then take it from there building on your knowledge, skills and abilities.

Sorry for such a long winded answer. Hopefully it wasn't too confusing.

Blessed be
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Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:06 am

The beginning of any witchcraft practice is meditation on a regular basis, candles and incense help create the atmosphere, also make sure the television, radio and phone are turned off before you begin. Once you are in a still peaceful state you can start spellcasting. Start with the shorter, simpler spells, and work up from there.

Psychometry is a good way to begin, you first meditate for at least 10 minutes, then you hold a small object and focus on its energy, this helps to open the third eye, you may also sense a tingling sensation in the center of your forehead. With Psychometry you focus on picking up energy from the object you are holding, you then write down everything you see, hear or feel. It is a very effective way to build your psychic energy. Also you can exchange a piece of jewellery with a friend and do a psychic reading for each other. This is your basis for spellcasting.
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