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Hello there!

I go by aur0ra, I'm 23 years old. I'm originally from Portugal, but I do travel often. At the moment, I live in the African continent - and I love it! I'll be heading to Brazil in August - I believe I met my twin flame 8 months ago and we'll have been dating for a year and a month when I go there, so we can meet face-to-face. I'm counting down the days... 176 days left today!

I've always been a very spiritually oriented person - at home I grew up with a kardecist-medium father and with him I attended a Christian/Spiritist house for us mediums to learn and practice. We never asked for a coin in return and that's how I work today still - for free. I give Tarot readings, Reiki healing sessions (I'm a level II Reikian) among other specialties which I like to keep private as it is complicated as a medium to talk about some things still in these days - this said, I have some capacities just like my father (I can name psychography and sight for example) and I use them to help people and to make their lives better free of charge.

I practice yoga, meditation and I'm currently on my 4th year of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at university. In the future, my goal is to bring spiritual and psychological practices together to help my patients (I'd especially like to work with children and teenagers).

Whenever I'm asked, I just state I'm a spiritualist. Or, I like to say I think of myself as an Omnist: I don't point at a perfect, true religion; Instead, I find truth in all of them and I talk to God in a Christian prayer as often as I thank Hindu deities with incenses and meditate to Buddhist chants surrounded by candles.

I'm absolutely in love with Crystals and Gemnstones - they're a big, big part of my life and I don't see myself without them around. I have over a zillion (ok, you know what I mean) and I keep getting more. This includes random street stones I pick up. Just can't help myself hehehe.

I'm interested in everything occult/magic/wiccan and respect every creed - what is right for a person, is right for that person.

I'm here to learn about as many new things and practices as there are, as well as some new spells. I'd like to get into learning how to work with herbs and oils too.

Not sure what else to say other than... hmm... that I'm an Aquarius (full on rebel, stubborn and always ahead of time kind of Aquarius at top of that hehehe) and I that have a really sassy black cat called Lua (Portuguese for "Moon").

Thank you all and hope to have a great time around here!

Namaste _/|\_
"She is a woman. All changing tides, wild winds and moon dust...
Do not try to lead her away from herself. She is not yours to keep."
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Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:18 am

Hello aur0ra

Good luck with your university courses, blending them with spirituality sounds like a wonderful idea.

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